The Three Most Important Benefits of Working With a Single Agency Partner


The agency model has continued to evolve over the last decade as the trend toward specialization continues to grow.  According to the recent article, The growing complexity of the Agency Model for Marketers, from The Drum Consulting, there are at least 20 identifiable agency models today leading to confusion among marketers when it comes to choosing the right agency partner. 

At VWA, we’ve always believed that the full-service agency model offers the most value to marketers, no matter the size brand or budget.  There are many benefits of working with one agency partner for all of your marketing needs, but we have identified three that are the most important ones.

1. Enhanced Integration

What marketer do you know that doesn’t want or expect a consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experience for their customers and prospective customers?  Unfortunately too many times when employing the multi-agency partner model, campaigns fall short of this goal due to lack of communication, a unifying strategy or an effective approval process.  When working with one invested agency partner, your team is working as one entity to devise a compelling, unified voice for your brand and extend that into every aspect of the brand’s persona from advertising to merchandising to customer service.

2. Sharper Insights

With so much focus on measurement and analytics, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of synergy between the message and the medium.  When a creative agency develops content with a particular objective or goal in mind that conflicts with what the  media agency is focused on, you can end up with a disjointed effort and analytics reporting that doesn’t add value or sometimes even make sense.  Integrated campaigns with aligned creative and media KPI’s provide sharper insights that are more actionable.  

3. Improved Efficiencies

Utilizing one agency partner can save you real money in fees or commission, allowing you to allocate more of that budget to content development and media placement.   Agencies that function as an AOR have the ability to be more flexible with their staffing and pricing models leading to more efficiency across the board for their clients.   Additionally, with all processes being handled in-house by the same teams, speed to market and quality control also increases. 

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