Empowering More Effective Media Solutions

Why go outside for a media buying agency? VWA has been buying media since cable wasn’t cool and your internet search engine was Ask Jeeves. By having in-house media capabilities, we are able to keep the strategy in line for our clients from creative all the way through the marketing funnel. No conflicting agendas. VWA is client focused and media-agnostic. Meaning we customize your program to deliver the message you want to the audience that will make the most difference. We specialize in developing integrated, multi-channel media plans that more effectively reach and engage our clients’ customers by focusing on the ideal intersection of science and creativity.

Our Four Guiding PrincipleS


Holistic Planning Approach

Unlike specialized agencies that have a self-interest in pushing one particular solution, we start with the problem and recommend the solutions that make the most sense for our client’s business challenges. Not the other way around.


Data Inspired vs. Data Driven

Data should inspire your media plan approach but it shouldn’t be the only thing driving it. We believe data is only as good as the insight behind it. As a full-service creative agency, we strive to see beyond numbers and better understand what they mean.


Measure Everything

Consumers have more control than ever before on when, where and how they choose to interact with your brand. It’s critical that your marketing partner understands the importance of the entire brand experience. We have defined analysis and measurement protocols in place that help ensure we capitalize on valuable connection points with consumers. Specific goals are set for each level of engagement prior to the start of campaigns and then measured during the life of the program for campaign optimization.


Transparent & Value-Based Business Model

VWA was founded on the simple idea of doing whatever it takes to deliver the most value to our clients: value in our service model as well as value in our approach to compensation. Depending on our client’s needs and budget levels, we offer different pricing strategies including hourly planning and buying rates, retainer based agreements, media commissions and performance based compensation.


Areas of Specialization



Strategic Partners

VWA partners with leading-edge media technology, data and science companies to deliver the most effective solutions for our clients.