Strategy for Franchise Growth

VWA has partnered with Great Clips, a national salon chain with over 120 locations in the Atlanta market for over
10 years now. Prior to our relationship, the Atlanta market dollars had been placed through a national media-buying agency. During this period, Atlanta market sales for Great Clips had been in decline.

Upon winning the account, VWA conducted a review of the previous media strategy and concluded the brand needed to extend their message through added value opportunities. VWA worked with local entertainment venues to build promotions.

By sponsoring the Atlanta Motor Speedway Nationwide race, we were able to give two free tickets to every person who purchased a full priced haircut. This was the beginning of a marketing platform extending the Great Clips message through partnerships offering a point of distribution for the partner and a gift to a customer with a full priced haircut.

Great Clips NASCAR 2015 Final Mirror Banner_1500.jpg
Great Clips NASCAR 2015 Window Cling Final_1500.jpg

Rollercoasters are pretty loud. We’ll leave it at that.

Whether you love Nascar or hate it, there’s something undeniable about the iconic sound of a 750 horsepower, 340 cubic inch, V8 engine, that makes your heart race.

Six Flags Promo

Over the past five years, VWA has been able to extend this winning strategy with Six Flags, QuikTrip,
Georgia Aquarium, Smoothie King, Uber, and two more Great Clips 300’s. As a result, Great Clips has reversed
the declining numbers and has become the fastest growing established market for 5 years in a row. And this has
all been accomplished without having to implement deep discounts.


We’ve found the fountain of youth. Only it’s not really a fountain. It’s a roller coaster.

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