Differentiated Promotional Campaign Approach Drives Occupancy Rates

Homewood Suites wanted to launch a new leisure rate discount program targeted at the Military and their family members designed to increase weekend occupancy and attract new customers. Given that most hotels have a military rate program, Homewood Suites challenged us to come up with a differentiated campaign approach.

While most people tend to think of military sacrifice as combat related, we thought it’s really all of those little missed moments that most people take for granted that is the real sacrifice. From those insights, the Missed Moments campaign was developed highlighting various moments in life where a military member was missed and supported with the simple but emotional headline, “For all those moments you missed serving us, it’s our turn to serve you.” 

Campaign components included targeted print, digital and a social media presence on a custom Facebook page titled the “Welcome Home Headquarters.” By speaking with an authentic voice and seeking to make an emotional connection with our customer base, we were successful in garnering attention and driving real business results.




HWS Facebook Page.jpg

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