OFF BROADWAY Shoe Warehouse

By offering high fashion at lower prices than department store and boutique prices, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse puts some of the most exclusive names in fashion and design within reach of the rest of us. This discount retailer had built a reputation on price and off beat warehouse locations to establish itself in the market. Real estate market forces and competition from brands like DSW was limiting their ability to grow. Off Broadway came to VWA with new investors and the desire to grow this concept beyond the warehouse image and compete for a larger portion of the retail show market. VWA met the challenge head on with a strategy of building the fashion image of the brand while maintaining the affordable price. Consumers equated the large selection with discounted prices so it was out job to convince them that affordable style was the payoff to shopping at Off Broadway Show Warehouse. Off Broadway has grown from just 8 stores on the East Coast into a national brand.