Ovation Brands was a private equity held conglomeration of Ryan Family Steakhouse, Old Country Buffet, and Country Buffet restaurants all across America. The client asked us to reposition the brands in a way that spoke to a younger target audience aimed around the family. After an extensive primary research initiative consisting of on-premise consumer interaction, VWA discovered that while the traditional buffet concept was old and dated, the concept of fresh cooked food in a customizable format was quite appealing to the new demographic. VWA worked with the client to flip the card on the buffet category. Departing from the all-you-can-eat smorgasbord at a low price to a new brand promise focusing on fresh food presented in a way that was as unique as the customer. Creative that included on premise point-of-purchase, out of home, promotional print and television was centered around fresh food in an appealing lifestyle setting.



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