Reframing an Old Favorite Drives Sales

VWA was challenged with helping to make the Ovation buffet brands more relevant to a new and younger
consumer demographic through the identification of a unique selling proposition that would resonate
with both potential customers and their loyal customer base.

Ryans copy.png
Country Buffet copy.png
Home Town Buffet copy.png
Fire Mountain copy.png

VWA conducted our own qualitative research to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current offering. We also partnered with the client to develop a new demographic target profile and new, more modern menu lineup utilizing Technomic® industry data.

The key insight that drove the campaign was centered around the idea of moving away from the current expectation of buffets only offering a “filling” experience to the desired expectation of a more “fulfilling” experience. The tagline, A fresh way to buffet, was developed to underscore the unexpected new offerings from Ovation including more farm to table fresh items, smaller portion single serve items and new and improved always available classic items.

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In addition to consumer communications, VWA developed a brand book that included a new, brand architecture, positioning, brand guidelines, target segmentation overview and directives for a new employee service philosophy.

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